LED Lighting Specialists


Switching to LED lighting could cut your businesses lighting bills by as much as 60% – 90%, saving you £1,000s each year

PPEE Ltd can take care of installing your new energy saving LED lighting solution, whether your business operates from offices, factories, warehouses, retail units or a combination of these, LED lighting provides a highly power efficient and sustainable lighting solution that significantly reduces energy costs, maintenance and your carbon footprint.

It also improves the overall lighting quality for employees and can be fully installed or simply retrofitted as required.

Frequently, LED lighting can be retrofitted into pre-existing fittings, but in the event that a complete unit needs to be replaced, our experts can do this with the minimum of fuss and interruption to your regular operations.

Our skilled installers aren’t fazed by tricky work environments. We have the tools and equipment – including boom lifts and more – necessary to access the highest of roofs and the pokiest of corners.

We know that for many businesses downtime isn’t an option. So, for your LED installation project, we’ll work during times that suit without disruption. Mornings, evenings, weekends? No problem.

Request a free survey for a full audit of your existing lighting, resulting in a proposal which details how an LED lighting solution could work for your business.

Please feel free to use our LED Lighting Saving Calculator to see how you could benefit from an LED lighting scheme.